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Driving change and building stronger communities

How MPP Kevin Holland is making a difference in Northwestern Ontario.

Engagement Across the Community

MPP Kevin Holland believes that engaging with stakeholders and community leaders is essential for driving progress in our community. By building strong relationships with these groups, he gains firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities that exist. This knowledge enables him to effectively advocate at Queen's Park, informing ministers and the rest of Ontario about the specific needs and opportunities of Thunder Bay – Atikokan and the North. Through these connections, MPP Holland can foster collaboration among community partners, enhancing their ability to support one another and ultimately improving the riding. This is the foundation of bringing success to the riding and the reason why all other accomplishments below were possible.

Mental Health and Health Roundtables

MPP Holland facilitated the first-ever Health and Mental Health and Addictions roundtables in Thunder Bay. These discussions involved local health organizations and ministers to address specific regional circumstances collaboratively. These roundtables provided insights into the healthcare sector's most significant needs in the region, helping the government and organizations work together to find solutions.

Record-Breaking Minister Visits

Since his election, MPP Holland has orchestrated a record-breaking 77 Minister visits to Thunder Bay – Atikokan, the highest number in any Ontario riding. These visits are crucial as they allow ministers to witness regional circumstances firsthand and give local businesses and organizations a platform to engage directly. It also highlights the unique challenges in Northern Ontario, such as geography related to the delivery of services, that differs to regions in Southern Ontario.

Major Investments in Thunder Bay – Atikokan

MPP Holland has been instrumental in attracting over $500 million in investments to the region since his election, with more investments continually being secured. His efforts aim to stimulate economic growth and collaborate with local organizations and businesses to create healthier communities. This unprecedented support has been widely acknowledged by local stakeholders and organizations, who have expressed surprise and gratitude for the attention and resources dedicated to Thunder Bay – Atikokan. Many have stated that they have never felt more supported by an elected official, and this support is making a true difference in our communities.

Constituent Feedback

Feedback from constituents has been overwhelmingly positive since MPP Holland's election. Many have noted feeling more supported at the provincial level than ever before. The office has received numerous messages of support and gratitude from constituents, local businesses, and community leaders highlighting the positive changes brought about by MPP Holland's efforts.

Upcoming News:

MPP Kevin Holland is dedicated to working tirelessly for the constituents of Thunder Bay – Atikokan, always striving for continuous improvement in the riding. While we can't reveal the exciting news on the horizon, rest assured that he remains committed to addressing meaningful issues that will ultimately enhance the well-being of our community.

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